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Lead Calcium Alloy Pbca2.5

Lead Calcium Alloy Pbca2.5

Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe3, AlBe5 1. Function This aluminum-beryllium master alloy AlBe3 AlBe5 is used to add;
Basic Info.
Model NO. PbCa2.5-2.8, PbRe
MOQ 10kg
Product Albe3,Alli10,Mgli20
Shape Lump\Strip\Ingot
Color Silver
Transport Package Wood Pallets or Box
Specification lump/ball/wire/strip/ingot
Trademark galliumwafers
Origin China
HS Code 7601209100
Production Capacity 1000mt/Year
Product Description
Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy AlBe3, AlBe5
1. Function
This aluminum-beryllium master alloy AlBe3 AlBe5 is used to add beryllium in aluminum alloy melting under low temperature, with little loss of beryllium.
2. Usage
1). Dry it by baking before use;
2). Adding temperature: Over 700ºC
3). Dosage: To be determined by testing.
4). Adding method: Flick off scum, add it into molten aluminum carefully, stir evenly after melting, and keep it still for 5-10min.
3, Packing and storage
This product of Ingot shape presents metallic luster. It is packed in carton by 25±0.25kg/case, and should be stored in a well-ventilated place and protected against moisture.Beside AlBe3/ALBe5,we can also suppy below aluminum master alloy :Albe3/AlBe5/Alsc2/Alti5b/Alni10/Alti10/Alsi20/AlCu50/AlZr/ALcR/AlCr/AlV etc.
AL/Mg/Cu Base Master Alloys
CategoryProduct nameModelMain composition Form
Grain RefinersAluminum Titanium Boron
Master Alloy
AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1
AlTi5B0.2, AlTi3B0.2
4.5~5.5%Ti, 0.9~1.1%Bstick/coil/waffle/bar/piglet
Aluminum Titanium
Master Alloy
AlTi5, AlTi105%Ti; 10%Tistick/waffle/bar
Aluminum Zirconium AlloyAlZr5, AlZr105%Zr; 10%Zrwaffle/bar
Aluminum Vanadium
Master Alloy
AlV4, AlV5, AlV104%V;5%V; 10%Vwaffle/bar
Metallographic ModifersAluminum Strontium
Master Alloy
AlSr10, AlSr15, AlSr3.510%Sr;15%Sr;3.5%Srstick/coil/waffle/bar/
Aluminum Stibium Master AlloyAlSb44%Sbwaffle/bar
Aluminum Stibium Master AlloyAlSb55%Sbwaffle/bar
Znic Aluminum Titanium AlloyZnAlTi235-39%Al,2%Tiwaffle/bar
Aluminum Rare Earth AlloyAlRE10, AlRE1510%RE;15%REwaffle/bar
Additive Master AlloyAluminum Copper Master AlloyAlCu35, AlCu5035%Cu;50%Cuwaffle/bar
Aluminum Manganese
Master Alloy
AlMn10, AlMn30, AlMn4010%Mn; 30%Mn; 40%Mnwaffle/bar
Aluminum Chromium AlloyAlCr55%Crwaffle/bar
Aluminum Chromium AlloyAlCr1010%Crwaffle/bar
Aluminum Nickel Master AlloyAlNi2020%Niwaffle/bar
Aluminum Silicon Master AlloyAlSi20, AlSi5020%Si; 50%Siwaffle/bar
Aluminum Ferrum Master AlloyAlFe10, AlFe2010%Fe;20%Fewaffle/bar
Purification ProductsAluminum Boron Master AlloyAlB33%Bbar
Aluminum Beryllium
Master Alloy
AlBe3, AlBe53%Be;5%Bebar

Other Master Alloys
Aluminum Titanium Boron
Rare Earth Alloy
AlTi5BRE1084%Al,5%Ti, 1%B, 10%REpiglet/waffle

Lead Calcium Alloy Pbca2.5-2.8 Lead Rare Earth Alloy Pb-Re for Storage Batteries

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