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Best Temperature Play Sex Toys: Cooling and Freezer

Aug 02, 2023

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While normally you don’t want to cool things down in the bedroom, experimenting with some temperature play in the bedroom might be exactly what you need to heat things up between you and your partner. And especially during a heatwave outside, you may want bring some fun cooling and freezer-friendly sex toys into the mix to make sure things don’t get too sweaty.

“Temperature play is a great way to add something new to your sex or kink life because you have to take the time to be intentional about how you want to go about what you are doing for your pleasure,” sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand and retailer, tells SheKnows. “During sex, we often don’t get to play with temperature, and this is an opportunity to see if there is a temperature that you really like that will enhance your orgasmic potential.”

If you and your partner are both comfortable with exploring extreme temps, below is a list of sexologist-recommended cooling and freezer-friendly sex toys to help set your sex life on fire.

This bullet-shaped vibe is made from 99% recycled aluminum, which makes the Maya perfect for temperature play. The tapered tip allows it to target specific areas of the body with ease, and it can be submerged in warm or cold water to stimulate the senses, or the head can be stored in the freezer to offer a unique cooling sensation.

If you love vibration, this icicle toy is the one for you. With its removable bullet, you can always keep this toy ready for temp play. By placing the glass portion in the fridge (if you want to keep it on hand) or freezer (if you have 30 minutes before you play), you can get a wonderful cooling sensation from this toy. In addition, the nodules and the G-spot curve give you the opportunity for more stimulation. When using the toy for temp play, explore the temp play first to see how much of the sensation you enjoy and if you need more, the bullet is there to get you where you need to be. Aim it right for your G-spot for a beautiful cooling catalyst to a euphoric orgasm.

LIMBA FLEX has a bendable wire inside, allowing the dildo to flex into any preferred angle and stay there. The tapered tip and slim shaft of the dildo make it the perfect toy for pegging! Buying toys is a guessing game, especially for beginners, but this one helps take the guesswork out. For a dildo with an extreme G-spot curve, simply bend it into that shape. Limba can be held in hot or cold water for temperature play, too.

MANTA‘s flexible tips can be held in hot (not boiling) or cold water, to give the penis a cooling or warm sensation. It essentially turns the penis into a vibrator since the vibrations can be felt all the way up the shaft, making penetrative sex extra fun. The signature loop handle makes the toy easy to handle in any position, no matter how slippery hands get, and the raised controls make it easy to turn up, or down the vibrations.

If you and your lover both love being penetrated, there’s nothing better than doing it together and using a double-sided glass dildo. It’s also great for penetrative partnered temp play. Keep it in the fridge for play on demand. If you have a preference for a certain texture, you can ensure that you get the right side that pleases you the most. Then you and your partner can experience temp play together to see how you like it.

This water-based personal lubricant helps to enhance intimate moments. Smooth is formulated for penile and/or vaginal application. The smooth lube is intended to moisturize and lubricate to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate activity. It can also be cooled down for temperature play, for a colder sensation on the skin, by sticking it in the fridge.

The Njoy Pure Wand is a 24-ounce, heavy metal dildo, which adds weight to penetration, making it firmer and more substantial. Since the wand is pure metal, it’s perfect for temperature play and can be submerged in water or refrigerated. Njoy’s curve makes it great for G-spot and P-spot penetration.

This rechargeable buzzing, pulsing plug intends to rev up the body. The sleek metal plug is tapered to an elegant tip, and the speeds and functions are customized for pleasure. The nonporous surface allows the plug to be immersed in hot or cold water for temperature play, and the plug slides on the skin beautifully. The many settings and speeds scream for exploring.