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Jul 31, 2023

TRADIUM GmbH has recently become a member of the European Chapter of the International Precious Metals Institute (EC-IPMI, The professional association brings together companies, research institutes, and experts that trade and process precious metals. More than 175 members from more than 15 European countries are linked in the network.

The German supplier of raw materials brings experience in trading and an international partner network to the precious metals industry association.

TRADIUM is a family-owned company specializing in supplying industry with technology metals, rare earths and precious metals in pure form, oxides or chemical compounds. Its customers include companies in the automotive, aerospace, renewable industries and healthcare sectors. With 25 years of activity and a worldwide network of producers and partners, the company is known for its product quality, delivery reliability and customer service.

TRADIUM believes the industry benefits when research companies, producers, suppliers, and processing companies share their expertise and ideas about precious metals. It is delighted to join EC-IPMI, a renowned interest group.

“The economic importance of precious metals has increased significantly in recent years as they become key raw materials for many new environmental technologies such as fuel cells,” says Philipp Goetzl-Mamba, Senior Manager of Precious Metals at TRADIUM. “By joining forces with other market players, we can address major challenges such as the security of supply chains and the sustainable extraction of raw materials. Our goal as an IPMI member is therefore to exchange information and contribute to good strategic networking.”

Lynda Si-Ahmed, president of EC-IPMI says: “The rich contribution of our members is important to us and enables EC-IPMI to provide this liaison platform for the collection and dissemination of information on all aspects of precious metals technology, education, research or application science through conferences, workshops, forums, newsletters or other means of public information and instructional sessions.”

The Chapter provides a platform for liaison between participants in the precious metals industry, environmental and conservation groups, government, educational institutions, and the general public; through information dissemination in the areas of precious metals technology and associated sciences, and to cooperate with established precious metal trade, scientific and educational organisations.

EC-IPMI collect and disseminate information on any and all aspects of precious metals technology, education, research or application sciences through conferences, workshops, forums, newsletters, bulletins, journals or other public information media, and instructional sessions, involving precious metals.

As an owner-managed company, TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, has successfully served customers in industry and trade since 1999. We supply a range of innovative industrial sectors that use technology metals, rare earth metals and precious metals, including electronics, automotive, glass and ceramics, and dental technology. As a globally operating company, TRADIUM works with many international partners. Long-standing co-operations guarantee the reliability, market proximity and topicality of the respective products. Companies without storage facilities can keep their raw materials in the highly secure bonded and duty-free warehouse operated by TRADIUM’s sister company, METLOCK GmbH.